About Us

About Us :

We Provide Turnkey Solutions In Multiplexes, Home Theatres, Audotorium, Recording Studios, Banquet Halls & Industrial Acoustics Etc.


  • We Provide the most modern Acoustic Solution In India.
  • We are Responsible for On-Site Installation, engineered to accomnodate architectural requirements of the site.
  • Fabric are inserted into the locking jaws of the profile, leaving a perfectly crips, smooth finished edge.
  • All works are done in-hous and we do not outsource our work.
  • We offer various design features like curves, depths, waves, squares, cicles etc.
  • All or Acoustic panels are maintenance free and guaranteed.
  • All the fabrics used in our system are freee floating thus the possibility of undulations or bubbles does not arise
  • Acoustic Wooden Panels for Offices, Auditoriums and Hospitals.